Inquiry Confirmation

Welcome to Barrel Select's Inquiry Form. The wines that you have selected are listed below. We will be contacting you to assist with any questions or comments you have in relation to your selections. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for one of our wine specialists to respond to your inquiry.

NOTE: This is NOT an order form. We can help you with ordering once a representative contacts you.

As a customer ordering wine with Barrel Select, we feel you should be apprised of Guidelines that define the role of agents and LCBO expectations. Agents DO NOT sell any beverage alcohol: all sales are between the LCBO and you, the customer. The LCBO always considers you a customer of the LCBO, not of the agent. “Sales” refers to transactions between the LCBO and it's customers that are “processed” by an agent and payment received by the LCBO. Agents represent suppliers and help transact the purchase of a suppliers' product from the LCBO.“Processed” means accepting and submitting orders for product from customers, typically collecting and remitting payments to the LCBO on behalf of customers and delivering (or confirming receipt of) orders to customers from the LCBO's pick up warehouse. Prices on Barrel Select's list of products are inclusive of the LCBO sale price, licensee discounts and markups and fees charged by Barrel Select. The LCBO sale price is available upon request and is indicated separately on your invoice, per Guidelines. All goods are held in an LCBO warehouse until such time as an order is placed in the customers name: Product is not available directly from Barrel Select, nor does Barrel Select have product on its premises, excepting previously arranged pick ups.